100% Identical

Identical looks, weight and feel

New Rolex 3200Swiss Cloned Movements

Designed To Last A Life Time

DeepReplica new Rolex 3200 caliber series Swiss cloned movements are 100% identical to the genuine. The movement metal alloys, surface finish, engravings, numbering, blue hairspring, gears, barrel-spring and red rubies are the same as on the original Rolex movement. These movements besides the identical look, they have the same 28.800 VPH sweep seconds hand motion and same time accuracy as the genuine. We give incredible attention to details so everything is precisely replicated and all movement parts are interchangeable with the genuine part.

100% Identical Luxury Replica Watches | Swiss Replica Watches


Isn't it?

The DeepReplica Rolex Swiss cloned movement looks exactly the same as the genuine Rolex movement. The movement’s metallic surfaces are either circular or in-line brushed, exactly like the original movement. This way the light reflections are the same and the perception of the movement looks is the same. The movement is laser engraved with perfect cuts in size and depth. The engravings are filled 18k gold so all our Rolex Swiss cloned movements look identical to the genuine!

Loupe 100%undetectable!

Even a jeweler can't tell

We use Reverse Engineering in order to create the DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica watches and so they are 100% undetectable even under a jeweler’s loupe examination. For example if you zoom into the Rolex Deepsea ring lock laser engravings you will see that the letters are the same font and size and filled with black color. Even the tiniest detail is identical to the original and it demands experienced Swiss master watchmakers to achieve this level of perfection.

Even the hidden detailsare perfect!

Perfect replicated cases

DeepReplica Oyster cases are perfectly replicated from genuine Rolex watch cases. Even the smallest details are perfectly shaped and all surfaces are identically machined. Our watch cases are made from the same type of steel as the genuine Rolex. We use a 250 ton press to cut the case from a solid block of 904L stainless steel. Between the case lugs the surface is vertically brushed and the Rolex model number engraving is laser beam crafted as on the original.


Via powerful diodes

DeepReplica is using a state of the art laser CNC engraving system to create the deep-cut and detailed surface engravings on the 904L stainless steel. Our computer guided laser system is precisely replicating, no matter how small, all the Rolex engravings and numbering to our Swiss replica watches. This way even a Rolex dealer won’t even know its a replica. Our watches are indistinguishable to a genuine Rolex both inside and out with Incredible attention to detail.


904 stainless steel

DeepReplica bracelets are masterfully crafted from solid 904L stainless steel, providing easy handling, smooth lines and above all security. Handcrafted by our Swiss jewelers these rare Swiss watches are polished to a mirror like or satin brushed finish! 904L is non-magnetic, corrosion resistant and harder to work with steel, compared to other steel types. We use special designed tools to polish the 904L. The result is a scratch-resistant smooth grain surface.


Swiss Precision!

DeepReplica precise Swiss engineering makes our replica watches the best in the world. We create the perfect Rolex Swiss replica watches for professionals and serious watch enthusiasts alike. Discover the DeepReplica’s handsomely crafted finishes, solid build quality and level of design sophistication that will send your feelings into overdrive. Just even by holding a DeepReplica watch you will feel the finish smoothness and Swiss engineering perfection. By wearing it you will appreciate the excellent case and bracelet balance in your wrist, something only in a genuine Rolex can also be found.

100% Identical Luxury Replica Watches Swiss Replica Watches

Superiorleather quality

Genuine calf leather

DeepReplica calf leather bands are made of the highest quality genuine Italian calf leather. We use a super smooth type of calf leather that is processed by Italian master tanners to make it waterproof and give it a finish that would do credit to genuine alligator leather. This fine leather band that is fitted with a DeepReplica shiny secure Rolex clasp is durable and at the same time a pleasure to wear. Discover a classic timeless luxury look in your wrist.

Miles aheadof the competition

Accuracy of a nanometer!

DeepReplica is the only replica watch Swiss manufacturer that actually replicates a Rolex with an accuracy of a nano-meter! Practically this means that every watch part is 100% identical and interchangeable with the original. Our engineers use a process call reverse engineering. For example, we take the genuine Rolex bracelet and we disassembly it. Then using our special designed and patented laser panto-graph we create a 3D model of each watch part in our CAD/CAM system. Then using 3D printers we create the mold of each part. Finally using these unique molds we re-create all the watch parts with an accuracy of a nano-meter.