300 meters waterproof tested


Waterproof to 300 meters

DeepReplica dive watches are equipped with CONEX Professional Sealants, unique double core silicone ”O” Rings and a Triplock crown system and they are waterproof tested to 300 meters. CONEX neoprene silicon is more resistant to cracking, aging and corrosion that can be a problem with simple rubber gaskets. Our Sea-Dweller models now come with working Helium Release Valve and a 5.5mm extra thick Sapphire crystal. All DeepReplica Swiss replica watches are individually waterproof tested prior to shipping.


CONEX Professional Sealants

All DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica dress model watches are equipped with CONEX Professional sealants,  Twinlock crown system and are individually waterproof tested to 100 meters water depth. Our three-steps process – a vacuum test, a compression test and a condensation test – will reveal the presence of even the smallest amount of moisture inside the watch! By purchasing your Rolex Swiss replica from us, you can be assured that your watch has the same excellent watertight construction as a genuine Rolex.

300m Waterproof Tested Swiss Replica Rolex Watches

Danger:High Presure Ahead

5.5mm Thick Sapphire Crystal

Our Rolex Sea Dweller Swiss replica professional watch cases are equipped with a Triplock crown, Helium Release Valve and 5.5mm extra thick Sapphire crystal on Deepsea models. All DeepReplica Sea Dweller models are waterproof tested and certified to 300 meters of water depth. The Helium Release Valve spring opens when the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the watch case reaches 3 to 4 bars, allowing the helium gas to escape and the watch case to decompress with the diver after dives by safely releasing the helium trapped inside the watch case.

Serious Featuresfor Serious Divers

Waterproof designed case

Every element of the DeepReplica watch case is carefully designed to provide a hermetic environment that protects the high-precision Swiss movement from water, dust, or pressure. All our watches are equipped with a case back and a winding crown, which both screw down securely like the hatch of a submarine. We use Swiss made rubber gasket water seals, lubricated with a synthetic lubricant that preserve the elasticity and provide secure seal under high pressure.


Monoblock 904L steel case

Our watch middle case (the central section of the case) is stamped and machined out from a solid block of 904L stainless steel. Over 250 tons of pressure force is needed to cut a single watch case and we have a special cutting press and equipment to master in-house the entire manufacturing process for the 904L steel watch parts. Certain Rolex replica Professional models feature a crown guard on the side that is stamped as an integral part of the monoblock middle case.

It onlylooks vintage!

New oversized case design

The latest DeepReplica oyster professional watch cases features the new Rolex professional bezel system in an elegant design. Our professional oversized cases are made 100% the same with the genuine Rolex cases. The new bezel system design has 4 small holes drilled to the top of the case which support the 4 spring bars pressing against the bezel. This system provides a better, more stable, tighter and precise bezel turning operation. Our oversized oyster cases are designed wider with wider lug arms and beefier crown protectors exactly like the new genuine Rolex cases.

300m Waterproof Tested Swiss Replica Rolex Watches

Build to Rolexstandard

Secure case back

DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica watch case back is hermetically screwed down against the middle case like a submarine hatch. A Swiss made synthetic rubber gasket, between the middle case and case back, secures the watch waterproofness. The characteristic fluting on the case back fits into a special designed tool exclusive to authorized DeepReplica and Rolex watchmakers allowing them to access the mechanical movement.