Scratch-resistant anti reflective sapphire

GreenSapphire Crystal

With a twist of lime!

DeepReplica Rolex Milgauss synthetic sapphire crystal glass has a green tint that produces light reflections while preserving optimal legibility. Another unique DeepReplica feature that sets our Rolex Swiss replica watches ahead of the competition.


2.5x Magnifying power

DeepReplica Cyclops lens enhances the date aperture, magnifying the date display 2.5x times for easy reading, exactly like the original Rolex does. Our Cyclops lens are coated with a special blue anti-reflective coating for glare free readings. .


Crystal clear view

DeepReplica sapphire crystal is the hardest transparent substance on earth after the Diamond. Our Swiss made high purity SYNTHETIC sapphire crystal is 100% colorless and scratch-resistant.


Authenticity mark

DeepReplica Swiss sapphire crystals are equipped with a laser-etched tiny Rolex crown just above the 6 O’clock mark. This authenticity detail is hard to see with naked eye but your jeweler will see it using his loop or a magnifying glass.