904L steel. Real 18k Gold & Platinum

Made with"Rolex" Steel

Solid 904L stainless steel

DeepReplica watches are built with solid 904L stainless steel which is a very hard, non-magnetic, anti-corrosion, chemical and scratch resistant alloy. Its high resistance to rust and corrosion makes it the ideal super alloy that’s unaffected by sea salt-water, sweat, perfume and other chemicals. It is highly polish-able due to its high chrome content. When it’s polished it gives each watch a sheen polished or satin brushed finish like a genuine Rolex. Using the same metal as the original Rolex results to identical looks, weight and feel.

Solid 18k GoldHeavy Wrap


Pure 18k Yellow or Rose gold is bonded to 904L steel surface via our patent Heavy Wrap method that bonds multiple thick layers of gold to the steel surface. Each layer of solid gold has to cool down before the additional layers can be applied. The result is identical to a solid gold Rolex and it doesn’t wear away since its 100 times more durable than any gold plating and will actually test positive for 18k gold! DeepReplica heavy wrap gold offers life-time durability, won’t peel off or fade and its 100% hypoallergenic, unlike the cheap gold-plated watches that wear-off in a month.

Precious metalsfor precious watches

Real 18k gold heavy wrap

DeepReplica’s exclusive Heavy Wrap technique bonds precious metals like pure 18ct gold or 950 platinum to the 904L stainless steel surface. All DeepReplica’s watch bracelet parts are replicated with Swiss precision down to an accuracy of a nanometer. This practically is identical to a genuine Rolex watch if you consider the extreme hardness of the metals we are working with. Finally our skilled master watchmakers give the final polish and brushed metal finish to our Swiss made Rolex replica watches.


Tool-free adjustments

DeepReplica Glidelock double expansion system adjusts the length of the bracelet without using any tools! This clasp integrated mechanism contains a toothed panel that provides an extension of up to 20 mm in 2 mm increments, while the fliplock links allows the band to be adjusted by an additional 26 mm. This sophisticated mechanism provides a reliable closure for worry free dives. DeepReplica’s bracelet clasps are crafted by solid 904L stainless steel which is extremely resistant even in the harshest environments.


Pure 950 Platinum Heavy Wrap

Solid 950 Platinum alloy combined with ruthenium is bonded to the 904L steel surface via our patent Heavy Wrap method which bonds multiple thick layers of platinum to the steel surface. The result is identical to a solid platinum watch since its 100 times more durable than any platinum plating and will actual test positive for solid platinum! DeepReplica’s heavy wrap platinum offers life-time durability, won’t peel off or fade and its 100% hypoallergenic. In fact, your watch will look and feel like real solid Platinum, that not even your jeweler can tell!


Revolutionized again

Pure 18k gold is bonded on the 904L steel surface via our patent Heavy Wrap. This method that bonds 4 thick layers of gold to the steel builds up a smooth gold surface identical to solid gold! DeepReplica gold doesn’t wear away since its 100 times more durable than the classic gold plating. Heavy Wrap gold is high resistant to corrosion by sweat and salt water than gold plating. This complicated process requires special equipment and know-how to be applied but the final surface is extremely hard to scratch since its protected by DeepKote scratch-proof Clear coating.


DeepKote Nano Clear-Coat

DeepReplica’s patent DeepKote DLC(Diamond Like Coating) is an anti-allergic scratch-proof Clear finish protect nano coating that possess high hardness scratch proof properties. Taking effort to scratch through to the base metal DeepKote protects all the metal parts of the watch making it 15x more scratch resistant compared to a genuine Rolex! DeepKote is diamond hard like, 100% transparent and increases the watch durability so it looks brand new for a lifetime.

Solid 904L Steel & 18k Gold Replica Watches Deep Replica



Magnetism is a big problem in watchmaking and now is more crucial to protect the watch movement given the daily proximity of your watch to your tablet or phone. DeepReplica Swiss watches are designed and build to eliminate the effects of magnetism by using special ferromagnetic metals as Rolex does, both in the watch case and in key components in our Swiss made movements. Our 904L steel has also very good anti-magnetic properties and when you buy a watch from us you can be assured that your watch has same anti-magnetic resistance construction as the original Rolex.