Dial & Luminescence

Accurate and legible prints, engravings and colors


Perfect Visibility in the Dark

DeepReplica innovative Superluminova luminescence blue glow lasts up to twice as long as that of Rolex luminescent material. It operates like a light battery and after sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light it glows in the dark exactly like the genuine Rolex does.

OutstandingSwiss Quality

Precise Replicated Dials

DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica dials are 100% identical to the genuine in every aspect. Everything from the back-plate metal used to the strict aesthetic and legibility requirements is precisely replicated and virtually indistinguishable to the genuine dials. Our Swiss watch-masters carefully apply the enamel on the dial and use real 18k gold for the markers and hands. No matter how small or complex every detail is replicated 100%

RolexRoyal Dials

18k Gold Elements

DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica floral metal dials feature real 18k gold leaf design elements that are infused on the dial surface. The diamond-polished surface offers a long-lasting enamel lustre and the special color print that is applied will remain unaffected by sunlight. The dial appliques are heavy wrapped with solid platinum or solid 18k gold.

BronzeAlloy Dials

Identical Metals and Design

DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica dials are crafted from a solid bronze metal alloy identical to the genuine Rolex dial alloy. Our watchmakers give shape to our Rolex Swiss replica dials thanks to a magical combination of high technology and traditional Swiss know-how.

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