Rolex design with Swiss ball bearings

It LooksLike A Rolex

It Sounds Like A Rolex

DeepReplica Swiss cloned movements look and work identical as the genuine Rolex movement. Even if the case back is opened by your jeweler, he will be impressed by the Swiss quality and the silent operation of the spinning rotor. Many times, a hard-spinning rotor sound is what gives away a replica. With our Swiss made rotor ball bearings you are sure that your watch is quiet even in the hardest moves, exactly like the original. A bird whisper in the ear! This is the best Super clone fake Rolex replica watch Swiss movement EVER.

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Gravity powered rotor

Our Rolex Swiss cloned movements are equipped with an extremely quiet running rotor. The rotor is weight balanced and reacts to the slightest wrist movement. With the smallest degree change, earth’s gravity activates the rotor spin. DeepReplica movement rotors are extremely smooth and quiet due to the Swiss made ceramic zirconium oxide ball bearings they are fitted with. Our rotor ball bearings are crafted from a special ceramic compound (zirconium oxide) that is friction resistant and require no lubricant for infinite, silent spin.

Lessis more

Innovating technology

DeepReplica Rolex clone movement rotors are fitted with ceramic zirconium oxide ball bearings that require no lubricant! This ground breaking innovation gives our Rolex Swiss replica watches the advantage of extremely long service periods even when compared to genuine Rolex movements. DeepReplica ceramic ball bearings are made of zirconium oxide that is much stronger than steel, but at the same time up to 60% lighter and non-magnetic. Our bearings have a smooth finish that allows them to run cooler at high speeds with less friction and noise.


Balanced forged rotor

The new DeepReplica Rolex clone movement rotors are crafted from a special forged metal alloy which allows us to balance it with extreme accuracy. Our precise balanced rotors offers precise and smooth rotation and produce more spins compared to a not well balanced one. Also, our precise balanced rotors improve the overall movement feel by having a smooth and quiet spin, that you will merely feel on you wrist, exactly like on a genuine Rolex. Only our master Swiss watchmakers perform the rotor balancing, since special skills and know-how is required fulfilling this task.