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Rolex Swiss Replica Watches FAQs

You may be amazed by the pictures we have on our site. Because of their top quality, you might think they are from catalogs of the genuine watch. But that is NOT true! We have used professional photographers to take pictures for us so you can compare the details quality and Swiss precision of our watches. We guarantee 100% that all pictures of the watches in our shop are actual pictures of our Swiss replicas! Deepreplica watches look exactly as represented in the pictures, and even better live, and we never, ever use catalog pictures of the genuine watch. If you have any doubts at all about buying the watch, just remember that we have no questions ask money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

Yes, you definitely can! Each Swiss replica watch is pressure tested to 100m /330 feet of water depth.  The top quality 904L solid stainless-steel construction and our unique Conex water sealants prevent salt water from eating into the watch.  Our new Rolex Sea-dweller replicas are fitted with a working helium escape valve and with additional gaskets. All our diver models are waterproof tested to 300 meters!

The dial fonts are all 100% accurate and extremely sharp. No one can ever tell the difference just by looking at the dial or any other parts of the watch. Check out some of our close-up pictures and see for yourself.

Our new re-styled Swiss replicas are virtually impossible to distinguish between an original Rolex and have been known to even fool certified Rolex dealers. You must know that our Swiss Replica Rolex watches are very rare and only few people know about them. We manufacture only a small quantity each year since they are individually hand-crafted in Switzerland.

No. Just like with the Asian replicas, there are different grades of qualities even for Swiss replicas. The first grade, which is the type some retailers sell (and try to represent them as ETA replicas), carries a movement that is an Asian copy of the Swiss ETA movement. Although these are very high in quality as well, the truth is, you are not getting a genuine Swiss movement, nor are you getting the same craftsmanship as in our Swiss replicas. Because of the high price and materials used you will not find a Swiss Clone replica anywhere on the internet for under $1000. If you do then we are almost certain that that watch will not be a true Swiss or have a genuine Swiss made movement. On our Swiss replicas the entire watch case and bracelet are Swiss made and not just the movement. You will never find this 100% Swiss made replica anywhere else. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and this is no different with Swiss replica watches.

There may be several reasons:

1) You want a genuine Rolex, but the price is too crazy.

2) You want to impress your friends or business clients.

3) You want to put your Swiss replica through wear and tear because you don’t want to damage your genuine Rolex.

The main reason why you want to purchase a Swiss Replica instead of a regular replica is because it is impossible to tell the difference between our Swiss made Rolex replicas and the real thing.

All other fakes are mass-produced. That is why they don’t have all the fine details and Swiss craftsmanship of a genuine Rolex. The most important factor is that these are quality Swiss watches regardless of the fact that they are “Replicas”. Same quality watches retail for thousands of dollars, as the movements and craftsmanship of our watches match a high-end Swiss timepiece.

Replacement sapphire crystals, crowns, bracelets, screws and bezels can be purchased by contacting us and can be fitted on our authorized Swiss watch service centers around the world.

Watches require regular servicing to maintain optimum efficiency. Service is normally required every 5 years.

Steamy environments; wearing a watch in a hot, steamy environment can potentially cause the case to expand and contract resulting in condensation inside the watch that may damage vital internal parts. Magnetic fields; placing your watch near speakers, refrigerators or other items with strong magnetic fields can potentially cause the movement to fail or function incorrectly. Leaving the crown out or unscrewed when worn in water Extreme temperatures above 140f or 60c and below -40f or -40c. Extreme changes in temperature can cause the case to expand and contract resulting in condensation to form inside the watch. Heavy constant vibration or sudden impact; for example, with pneumatic drills and machinery or dropping onto hard surfaces Chemical Products: Avoid contacts with solvents, detergents, perfumes and cosmetic products which can affect the lifespan of a rubber straps and potentially crown gaskets and seals.

Our watches can be cleaned by using a soft toothbrush and warm water in the event that they are dirtied by mud or dust.

Repairs to your watch during the warranty period MUST be carried out by an authorized Swiss watch service center. Failure to adhere to this requirement will invalidate your warranty. If the warranty term has expired, repairs, servicing and battery replacement can be carried out by an alternative Swiss watch service center or with us. However, we strongly recommend that you seek a reputable Swiss watch service center with trained technicians and the facilities to perform a pressure test so that water resistance is maintained. Please note that service centers that are not registered with DeepReplica may not have all of the components required to carry out an efficient service.

All our movements are made in Switzerland by our skilled Swiss watch masters.

A waterproof test during the service or repair will determine whether your watch is still water resistant to the manufacturer’s specification. This test is always required when a repair or service has taken place and the case has been opened.  It is recommended that servicing, replacing the gaskets and seals and pressure testing should be carried out every two years on watches that are regularly used in water to ensure continued water resistance.

Each watch model is waterproof tested up to 100m / 330 feet and 300 meters for our divers models. Water resistance refers to the watch’s ability to resist water from entering the case, and is determined by how well the watch case is sealed. Water resistance does not refer explicitly to the depth a watch can safely go and is measured in various units including bar, atmospheres or feet. Water resistance is determined by the amount of pressure a watch can withstand, not the depth it can withstand. It is recommended that a watch which is used regularly in water should undergo a service replacing the gaskets and seals every two years to ensure optimum water resistance.

Regardless of brand, price or model, it is recommended across the industry that watches should not be worn in steamy environments such as the shower, saunas or spas. If the water temperature is hot, the watch case may expand and contract causing a vacuum and rendering the gaskets less effective at keeping out moisture and especially steam. While the watch is in a warm environment the case will try to purge air that has also expanded, and when the watch is moved to a cooler environment, it will attempt to draw air in which will condensate once the watch cools. Additionally, soaps, gels and hot steam can affect the rubber silicon gasket seals and the oils found inside all watches regardless of their pressure rating.