Waterproof screw-down crown with triple rubber seal


100m Waterproof Tested

DeepReplica has fully replicated the Rolex Twinlock crown system that is made up of about 8 parts and its 100% interchangeable with the genuine parts. Our screw-down Twinlock crown system features two sealed zones, one inside the crown tube and the other inside the crown itself, providing waterproof protection up to 100 meters depth. Every DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica watch is individually waterproof tested up to 300m prior to shipping.


300m Waterproof Tested

DeepReplica Triplock crown system is made up from 10 different parts, it has three sealed zones and it’s screwed hermetically onto the watch case. Our Triplock crown seals the watch movement from the harmful elements of the outside world and it’s waterproof tested up to 300 meters of depth. Every DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica watch is individually waterproof tested prior to shipping.

SyntheticWater Seals

Absolute Protection

We use Swiss made synthetic silicon rubber seals that are lubricated with a special Swiss lubricant to keep them elastic and waterproof seal-able. Our Swiss made gaskets seal the crown, buttons and case-back of all DeepReplica Rolex Swiss replica watches and have excellent anti-corrosion resistance to salt, chemicals and high temperatures.


100m Waterproof Daytona

DeepReplica Rolex Daytona chronographs are equipped with the Triplock crown system and screw-down chronograph push buttons. Unlike other replicas that have non-working chronograph buttons, DeepReplica Rolex Daytona Swiss replicas have full working chronograph functions with 100 meters waterproof screw-down buttons. Our chronograph buttons are 100% identical in metal alloy, design, construction and functions to the genuine Rolex buttons.