Service & Parts

International watch service support

After-Sales Support

DeepReplica offers the best after-sales support with authorized Swiss watch service centers around the world. Our Swiss certified watch technicians use Swiss made watchmaking equipment and Swiss parts to ensure top quality repairs for your Swiss watch.

Service & Parts

Our Rolex Swiss replica watches are lubricated with special Swiss made Nano-tech oils and we recommend owners to service their watches every 5 to 10 years. When serviced the watch movement is fully disassembled, ultrasonic cleaned, required components replaced and re-lubricated. All watch water seals/gaskets are replaced and the movement is fine tuned for time accuracy within the COSC certification limits (+-3 secs per day).

As a Swiss watch factory, at DeepReplica we house a full service and watch parts department. We stock every watch component so we can cover all our watch models. You are fully covered in the case you need a new bracelet or a movement wheel or even an entire movement, everything is ready to be shipped directly to you or to our authorized Swiss watch service center next to you.