Paramagnetic Blue

Red Gears and Blue Hairspring.

Blue ColorAnti-Magnetic Hairspring

Precisely Replicated Alloy

DeepReplica Swiss cloned movements are fitted with a blue color hairspring like the one found on the genuine Rolex movement. Even if the case back is opened by your jeweler, he will notice the blue Rolex Parachrom spring and will say it’s genuine. Our blue hairspring is made of a blue color alloy that is extremely stable when exposed to temperature variations, is intensive to magnetic fields and remains up to 10 times more accurate than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks.

Honoringthe legacy

The famous red wheel

DeepReplica Rolex Swiss cloned movements look exactly the same with the genuine Rolex movement. Our bi-directional automatic winding module includes the two famous red colored gear wheels which are made of a light red alloy and are coated with Teflon for lubrication of the outer teeth and inner step clicks. We are the only Swiss Watch manufacturer that offers this level of cloning perfection for Rolex clone Swiss made movements.

Precise Swissstyle and substance

Rhodium plated gear trains

DeepReplica Rolex Swiss cloned movement’s rhodium plated plates, bridges and gear trains are circular-grained satin finished. The screw heads are mirror-polished and all movement parts edges are bevelled. This is not only for decorative purposes but also for better dust protection since dust particles tend to attach on grainy rather on polished surfaces. Our clone movement train wheels are made from Glucydur (beryllium bronze), exactly like the genuine Rolex ones. The red rubies jewel bearings, in which metal spindle turns, adds looks and durability to all our Rolex clone Swiss made movements.

Paramagnetic Blue


Beautiful Interior

DeepReplica Rolex clone movement parts are made in our Swiss Watch factory using reverse engineering. Our Swiss master watchmakers disassemble the genuine Rolex movement and each part is cloned in dimensions using the same metal alloy as the original. We analyze each movement part to define the metal alloy that is made of and we create our clone part from the exact same alloy. This is very important for the movement durability since each part is designed with specific metal alloy properties.  Only Deepreplica can replicate the Rolex movements to this level of perfection.